Rental Home Suite | Updated Property Inventory Report
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Updated Property Inventory Report

Updated Property Inventory Report

Tired of sifting through the property inventory list for your whole company or for inactive properties you’re really not concerned about? The Company Property Report has been updated to filter by Status and Agent. We hope the new addition makes allows you access to the data that you want and only the data that you want.

To get started, log into and select Reports from the main menu. Click on the Company Property report in the report list.

To run the report as it was originally, just leave the Status and Agent dropdown menus at their default settings and click the Generate Report button. But if you want to filter the results, choose an Agent from the dropdown or indicate whether to list active or inactive properties. Enter 1 in the Status field to display active properties only or 0 to list inactive properties only. This gives you a method to see only your actively advertised properties, which is a bit more efficient than sorting through all of your co-workers’ inactive properties to find the information you really want.

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