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RHPros Documents: Purpose and Use

RHPros Documents: Purpose and Use proudly supports the uploading and hosting of documents and allows you to make them available company-wide or just for a specific property.

Company Documents

Company-wide documents are available in all your listings and can be of any file type. Photos, PDF brochures and PowerPoint presentations are just a few of the types of documents RHP customers upload to their companies. These documents exist until you decide to delete them and are available to every employee of your company. To upload, edit or delete these documents, navigate to your Company Information link in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the Documents tab to begin editing, deleting and uploading documents.

Suggested Uses for Company Documents

  • An article explaining the benefits of renting over owning a home
  • A mission statement from your property management company
  • An article explaining how you reward excellent tenants
  • A brief history of your property management company
  • A generic rental application

Property Documents

These documents are specific to the property record and remain for the life of the listing (even when the property is inactive) or until you delete them. This saves you from searching for the documents each time you put a property back on the market. Like company documents, property documents can also be of any file type. To access property documents, simply edit a property and scroll until you find the Property Documents section.

Suggested Uses for Property Documents

  • HOA covenants
  • Local property maintenance contacts
  • Accumulated information about maintenance
  • Property-specific leases
  • Property floor plans
  • Appliance instruction books
  • General property information sheet
  • Property services sheet

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