Rental Home Suite | Introducing Rental Home Professionals 13.1
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Introducing Rental Home Professionals 13.1

Introducing Rental Home Professionals 13.1

Epic River is pleased to announce the beta release of version 13.1 of! This release is sure to make an impact on property managers and their potential renters. Available today at, this beta release focuses primarily on performance improvements and user interface enhancements. With advancements to Rental Home Pros’ long-time property listings feature, property managers will enjoy significant performance enhancements, including rich functionality and cross-browser support. Simplified search capabilities and column sorting enable faster access to your data. Instead of completing several fields within the Search Criteria sidebar, one search box is provided that searches all listing data.

In addition to performance considerations, enhancements made in user interface (“UI”) include a more intuitive menu structure, allowing users to navigate the system from one location rather than from a separate submenu. With the integration of the left submenu into the main navigational structure, users can take advantage of an increase in screen real estate. Now property managers can view property details without using a horizontal scrollbar to see vital listing data, such as date available and square footage. Finally, the website received a complete makeover, resulting in optimization for use with popular Internet browsers and a contemporary look that more closely adheres to current marketing materials.

“After spending the last year tripling the number of properties managed in Rental Home Pros, I’m excited to turn our attention to improving the speed, stability and usability of the web site,” commented Jeff Grobaski, Chief Operating Officer.

Rental Home Professionals customers can try out the beta version at for the next 30 days, using their existing Rental Home Professionals login credentials. The previous user interface will be replaced for all users on July 10th.