Rental Home Suite | Navigating the “REO-to-Rental” Program
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Navigating the “REO-to-Rental” Program

Navigating the “REO-to-Rental” Program

The U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has unveiled a program, which makes federally-controlled foreclosed (REO) properties available to investors. As a means of supporting local housing markets that are depressed by high volumes of foreclosures, the REO-to-Rental initiative requires the properties to be rented for a specified number of years. And with the large influx of homes available to qualified purchasers, managing the volume can become problematic. How does an investment group, hedge fund, or other potential investor begin to value each property’s worth in both purchase and rental prices? Setting the appropriate rental price suddenly becomes paramount in turning a profit. But the arduous process of completing a comparative market analysis for each property just isn’t feasible. So what alternative do qualified purchasers have?

Rental Home Data’s comparative market analysis translates real-time information in an easy-to-read format, assisting as you consider an investment in rental properties. What’s more, the system can process multiple properties at once. Simply gather your statistics into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and upload the data to the Rental Home Data website. The information will be translated into graphically-pleasing and easy-to-read charts and graphs for each property, allowing you to quickly compare properties. Not only can you identify a reasonable rental rate, but you’ll be empowered to recognize the best properties for purchase.

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