Rental Home Suite | Integration with and Other Partner Sites
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Integration with and Other Partner Sites

Integration with and Other Partner Sites

Users who would like to integrate their accounts with their or other partner advertising sites are only a few clicks away from a seamless integration. To get started, log into and do the following:

  • Click Company Information in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Advertising tab.
  • Enable the checkbox next to or any other of our partner sites.
  • Once you’ve saved your changes, click on the Create an Account link next to the company name with which you plan to integrate.


Then complete the account process for or other partner company. Finally, contact the partner sites’ customer service department at ask them to set your account to Feed User.

Once this step is complete, just make sure that your e-mail address at matches the e-mail address of the listing agent (the one that shows up on the tenant view of the property on, and your feed is ready to go.

Updating Properties to Partner Sites

Active and inactive properties will be fed from to the partner’s system, requiring no other work from you. Remember: When you’d like to deactivate your property, you need to do that in your account. The next feed will update the listing at and any other partner sites.

Payment Structure

While and work together to provide you a quick and easy way to keep your managed properties up-to-date, the scope of our integration does not include payment or billing. So payment is simple. Sign up and pay for and do the same at