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Property Managers: What if Airbnb follows Uber’s lead?

Uber had a problem.  They needed more drivers.  So they got together with a car manufacturer, a bank and people who wanted to own a car but couldn't afford one.  So now, as a recent Wall Street Journal article outlined, anyone who wants a new car...


In the Eyes of an Investor, Transparency Equals Trust

In reading several articles similar to the one Arlington Now and Gordon James Realty put together, there is always one common theme when it comes to finding a good property manager -  trust.  It makes sense when you consider real estate is a great investment...


Craigslist Rental Scams: It’s Worse than You Thought

There is no property manager (like you) nor listing provider (like us) that is not aware of just how bad it can be when a scammer gets a hold of your property information and uses it to setup a fake listing on Craigslist.  We also...


What’s a Property Manager to do as Vacancy Rates Near All-Time Lows?

Here in Northern Colorado we are seeing ridiculously low vacancy rates.  In fact Fort Collins landed at #2 in the nation with a staggering 0.2% vacancy rate according to Business Insiders and RealtyTrac.  This steady downward trend in vacancy rates is not something new to...


Navigating the “REO-to-Rental” Program

The U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has unveiled a program, which makes federally-controlled foreclosed (REO) properties available to investors. As a means of supporting local housing markets that are depressed by high volumes of foreclosures, the REO-to-Rental initiative requires the properties to be rented...


Introducing Rental Home Professionals 13.1

Epic River is pleased to announce the beta release of version 13.1 of! This release is sure to make an impact on property managers and their potential renters. Available today at, this beta release focuses primarily on performance improvements and user interface enhancements....