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Whether you’re a potential tenant looking for the next place to call home, a landlord needing assistance in marketing your property or collecting rent or a company simply looking for quality rental market data, the Rental Home suite has something for everyone.  Each product is interconnected for a seamless transition from product to product or can function independently from the suite.  Review the products below to determine the products that best meet your needs.

Property managers, now you can market your companies rather than just your listings. Activate and deactivate a property based on its rental status, build your prospective tenant contact list, and report on company performance to ensure your properties are maximizing their earnings potential.

And we didn’t forget about you, renters. Find your next home in minutes by accessing an extensive database of available rentals with just a few clicks. You can even refine your search results to ensure that you find the perfect property.

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Get market-level data that is not only entered by but maintained by property managers. Unlike other services that scrape the internet for rental data, we ensure that the statistics you access are accurate and up-to-date. Whether you’re wanting to make an investment decision, rent your property for its maximum value, argue against a rent increase or use rental intelligence in other business decisions, the reliable and applicable data you need is available within minutes. Choose to compare a single property or get an entire market portfolio based on a specific area.

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Whether you want to accept rental payments or electronically submit your rent payment directly to your landlord, Rental Home Rent is all you need. Landlords, you’ll enjoy the entirely free service that seamlessly posts rent payments to your bank accounts. Then just reconcile the payments at your convenience. And the system is even easier for renters. Simply schedule a recurring payment and forget it…or not–the control is all yours. If you prefer, just schedule one payment at a time each month from any internet-enabled device.

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To save you time and ensure data accuracy, Rental Home Properties customers also take advantage of our automatic Rental Home Feeds service, which is included with all Rental Home Properties subscriptions. If any of your properties are already defined in a property management software system, we’ll import that information and then allow you to modify the property listings as necessary. But we don’t stop there. Next, we’ll automatically submit your updated listings to our advertising partner websites, allowing you to promote your listings to an even broader group of potential renters. Listing and promoting your properties have never been easier.

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Use the Rental Home Suite Support Center to find tips, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.